Utah’s F Word is the project of two best friends, both enthusiastic feminists. Living in Utah has been a big part of shaping our beliefs about culture and society. We love supporting women and building female friendships. We also love animals, quality sex education, cruelty-free makeup, books with strong female characters, glitter, dressing up, and Sodalicious.

We started this blog as a place to discuss our experiences and express our opinions. We view the world through a feminist lens, which will often be reflected in our writing. We hope to explore our interests in a variety of topics.


Kyla is from Oregon. She loves singing, dancing (in spite of the fact that she is very bad it), cooking, flower crowns, national parks, hiking, wearing black, compliments, Diet Mountain Dew, being in pictures, harmless pranks, road trips, french fries, and sunflowers. She is majoring in Communications with a minor in Music at Utah Valley University. She is passionate about sexual assault awareness and the #MeToo movement.

Maddie grew up in Utah. She loves Disney, puzzles, painting, sweaters, pottery, crafts, Coke, lavender, the zoo, putting together IKEA furniture, birthdays, bath bombs, Starbucks, knitting, and her two cats, Marie and Giselle. She attended the University of Utah and graduated with Honors, double majoring in Psychology and Gender Studies. She is currently working on her master’s degree in social work.